Summer Camp - Top Gymnastics
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Summer Camp

Summer Program 2022

Why have kids being bored at home. Send them to our exciting “Summer Program 2022” while you resume your daily activities. We have many camp options that will fit your need and desire. Let’s have a blast. Every week has a new theme. All in the spirit of gymnastics combined with games, arts and crafts and competitions. Bring your own Lunch, snacks and drinks (CDC Compliant). Join the fun at Top Gymnastics camp now. Registration is open, with discounts (click the picture). (We have 10 weeks for those who are off early from June 13-August 19, call for more information)

Camp week 1: “Gymnastics TikTok”
Camp week 2: “SpaceX Gymnastics”
Camp week 3: “Pajama Party”
Camp week 4: “Around the World”
Camp week 5: “Mad Science”
Camp week 6: “Glitz and Glamour”
Camp week 7: “Olympic Dream”
Camp week 8: “Beach Week”
Camp week 9: “Super Hero”
Camp week 10: “Top Gymnastic’s got Talent”

You have the option to sign up for:
select days
4wk/8wk discounts
whole summer Best Deal!
Ask for special promotions!