Passover Camp | Top Gymnastics
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Passover Camp

No school?
Feeling bored?
Wanna have fun?

Then join us for gymnastics excitement April 22-26.

You must bring your own drinks, healthy snacks and lunch!

Fun filled themes like:

  • Crazy sock day
  • Favorite color day
  • Extraordinary talent day
  • Champion of the day
  • Team contest day

Typical Passover Camp day:

8:30-9:00              Sign in
9:00-9:30              warm-up game
9:30-10:00           gymnastics rotation
10:00-10:30         gymnastics circuit/challenge
10:30-10:45         drink break*
10:45-11:15         gymnastics game/contest
11:15-12:00         open gymnastics

12:00-12:30         lunch
12:30-1:00           VR or Arcade or contest or dance
1:00-1:30              warm-up game
1:30-2:00              gymnastics rotation
2:00-2:15              drink break*
2:15-3:00              gymnastics game


Crazy Sock Day
Favorite Color Day
Extraordinary Talent Day
Champion Within Day
Team Contest Day