Recreational | Top Gymnastics
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Our coaches promote self-esteem and self-confidence through positive and stimulating instruction.

Classes are designed to develop gross and fine motor skills, increase concentration span as well as physical strength and spatial awareness. Students are grouped based on age, maturity and skill level. Our professional staff provides age appropriate instruction and care using our kid friendly equipment.

Our Classes:

Girls in action

Ages 6 – 8 years old
Ages 9-12 years old
60 minute class

Creating smiles and positive self-esteem are among our goals. This class will allow your child to feel like an Olympian!

The curriculum is structured to increase general strength and flexibility as well as stimulate social interaction. Trampolines and foam pits are used to teach skills like walkovers, handsprings, flips and other exciting skills.

Your child will train on all 4 Olympic events (Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor). They learn new skills in a positive, constructive and fun environment.

Teens in Action

Ages 12+ years old
60 minute class

We understand that at this age, challenges should go along with the astonishment of successful completion and self-awe of realizing fun skills in order to provide encouragement.

Strength and flexibility help our youth achieve success faster and stand out from their peers through learning skills on the 4 Olympic events and practicing on tumble track, rod floors, trampolines and foam pits.

Not only is gymnastics a great sport but an extraordinary base for any other sport. Our coaches are experienced and knowledgeable in bringing fun challenges to this age group.