Advanced Classes | Top Gymnastics
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Advanced Classes

No challenge is too big for Top Gymnastics athletes! This program allows for easy transition into any Team program.

Athletes are evaluated for prerequisites by experienced coaches who specialize in gymnastics and are certified to teach in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic program. Classes are evaluate-only and decisions for highly motivated athletes joining any team must go through our Team Director(s).

Our Classes:

Super Stars

Ages 6-8 years old
Ages 9+ years old
90 minute class

An intermediate class for the next step in learning gymnastics. You now have mastered the basics and are ready for a challenge. Back bend kickovers turn into back walkovers, Cartwheels into Round offs, back hip circles into clear hips, swings into baby giants, handspring vaults, cartwheels and bigger jumps on beam and integrated conditioning and flexibility,

If you are interested in joining this class you will need to be evaluated. Talk to the Program Director for evaluation.