Spring Break Camp 2023 | Top Gymnastics
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Spring Break Camp 2023

Spring Break Camp 2023

Spring Break 2023

$299/week or $85/day


March 20-24

Enjoy gymnastics filled fun where we learn gymnastics skills and have a good time. We combine gymnastics with contest, trampoline, aerial silks, dance, circuits, challenges and arts and crafts. Typically we have about 4 gymnastics rotations of 30 minutes and an open gym at the end of the day. Each day will have a variety of gymnastics games and challenges and occasionally some Aerial Silks.

You bring your own lunch and drinks. Lunch is from 12:30-1:00 and a drink break in the morning. We still maintain caution for covid by extensive cleaning, social distance and optional face masks. Please make sure that the young ones have extra clothes with them and that everyone is potty trained.

Students will be grouped based on experience and age to provide the opportunity for quality instruction and success. All staff members are fully gymnastics trained with plenty of experience. They are fun and detail oriented.

For any questions come in and ask for Aurelia, call (786) 590-5200 or email us at info@topgymmiami.com