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Update Corona

Update Corona

We, the owners, managers, administrators, coaches and families of Top Gymnastics hope that everybody is home, safe and healthy. As we are temporary closed for regular classes we want to inform you that we are working hard on innovative possibilities to serve our community.

As we are socially distancing we don’t have to be socially inapt. Although it is more fun and productive to do gymnastics in our beautiful facility with our amazing expert coaches, we are reaching out with virtual gymnastics classes each Saturday at 10:00 am and virtual conditioning classes each Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 pm. These classes are free! Emails have been send with the zoom meeting ID and password to all our current members. Please join us there!

We also just finished a coloring contest with a grand prize of custom made face masks for your family by Rippleberry. The exclusive supplier of leotards at Top Gymnastics. The winner will be announced shortly.

Today we start a new challenge at Top Gymnastics. Everyone knows the song “head, shoulders, knees and toes”. The challenge is to balance in a handstand and touch with each hand your head, shoulders, knees and toes without coming down. It is a harder challenge then Simone Biles’s take your pants off in a handstand. Start practicing now and send a video to our instagram, facebook or at info@topgymmiami.com . We want to start a new sensation and show the world that gymnastics lives forever in our heart and spirit. No covid-19 pandemic can kill our spirit, but by being strong and following local guidance we can kill the virus. Let’s show the world that Top Gymnastics is strong. #topgymstrong, #topgymkillcovid, #topgymspiritlives4ever. And yes we will have prizes as well!

Thank you to all of you that contributed in your support to keep Top Gymnastics alive. We love you and miss you!

From all of us at Top Gymnastics